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How to Reset/Refresh Windows 10 Without Losing Personal Data

So you have had your windows 10 device for a couple of years now and since then I bet Windows has really slowed down. Well FEAR NOT! Now Windows has the capability of  “refreshing” your device which will automatically re-install your Windows back to its original state without losing your personal files.

Oh and it also keeps the latest Windows updated version so you shouldn’t worry about re updating Windows. Now it might sound hard but don’t worry, its EASY! It only takes 7 Steps!

Now to refresh your windows, there are two options you can choose:

  1. Refresh Windows
    1. Removes apps and settings, but keeps your personal files.
  2. Factory Reset Windows
    1. Removes everything including personal files, apps and settings

This time I will help you to refresh windows instead because we don’t want to lose our personal data don’t we?


Step 1

Press your Start button, type “Reset this PC” and then click on the first match:


Step 2

Press the “Get started” button on the “Reset this PC” section.

You can also see a quick description of what this does.

Step 3

This window will appear and this time we will select the top option which is the “Keep my files” option which removes apps and settings, but  keeps your personal files.


Step 4

Then this window will appear which lists the apps that will be removed from your system. You can see the complete list of the apps by using the scroll wheel on the right side of the window.

Just press the Next button.

NOTE: You can later see the list of apps that are removed by Windows on your desktop by opening the file called “Removed Apps” (shown later on the tutorial)


Step 5

Just press Next.

This window tells you that you can’t go back to the previous version of Windows. So for example if your device came with Windows 8, you won’t be able to revert your Windows to Windows 8 later in the future.


Step 6

If you are sure that you are ready to reset your Windows, just press “Reset”


Step 7 – Wait

Now it will take a while to reset your Windows device. Mine personally took over an hour to do (I had a 1TB hard drive which is why it was really slow).

Here are some screenshots for my Lenovo laptop:

Be patient..

Windows is automatically reinstalling:

Windows automatically re-installs itself

Your screen after Windows is done refreshing:

Windows welcomes you back!


That is it! Remember you can check  your desktop for the list of apps that are uninstalled by checking the “Removed Apps” file.

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